We call it ‘the water lounge’. Our typical scene includes music in the air with chatter and laughter, clinking drinks on the main pool’s stairs, a floating inflatable with feet splashing water, and tan bodies lying in the extra platform pool with their heads resting above water. We also nap on our double sun beds spread between the ground and 1st floor.


We love cooking and eating in open-air. The grill is a kitchen of its own. It delivers to a big lunch table ready to feed a big group of people with good food, wine, laughter and memories.


Our personal favourite. An intimate outdoor space with an open pergola wood top, right next to the Mykonian stairs leading to the rooftop, and a view of the sea, framed in rock, wood and cement.


Our bonus sunset spot. We get an open view while resting on our sunset mattress, feeling the wind and listening to music. We always end up taking photos.