A thought born here in Greece, Eudaemonia, means individual happiness and flourishing, to live the good life. It lives through mental and materialistic minimalism, pursuing the simpler things in life. We’re driven by curiosity, exploration, new experiences, creativity in every form and goodness of the spirit.


Fleur De Sel simply means ‘sea salt’ in French. Our logo is an old symbol that expresses a relationship between 3 infinite rings, the sun, the sea and the air, the 3 components that create sea salt. It is also a reminder of our hometown in France, Bretagne, famous for its salt marshes and exporting Fleur De Sel De Guérande. That’s how we think of Mykonos when we see it from the plane, with its white houses glittering on the land like sea salt.


Our home is still a baby, so our personal interests haven’t been fully expressed yet. But with time, we will have our books spread all across the villa, our very own music playlist to set the mood right, and a movies, documentaries and series library to keep us binge-watching for days.